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 Producer / Director – United Nations, UN Charter

Three videos featured at a United Nations celebration at the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House.  

- The United Nations Charter - UN archived footage

- Charter for the 21st Century written by children and supported by images from Paintbrush Diplomacy, an organization facilitating exchanges of art and personal stories between children across the globe.

- A Charter is Created - UN archived footage


                                                                                                Joey Award 

Producer / Director - Apple, Macintosh – the First Ten Years

Historic Technology Video: This video was produced for the 10th Anniversary of Apple Computer celebrating the Macintosh. It is a "best of" with a decade of clips and bits from Apple's wonderfully quirky commercials, product introductions and so much more. 

Producer / Director - NetManage, The Quest Continues

This  NetManage "mockumentary" was produced for a sales conference in Puerto Rico with CEO Zvi Alon. The video was shown to employees prior to sending them into a jungle survival course for a team-building experience in order to "find the cornerstones" -- and to have fun! Only one person needed to be airlifted out of due to a broken bone. Pretty good under the circumstances -- ahhh, those tech firms are wild! 

Producer / Director - Sega, Sega Summit Opening

Historic Technology Video: This is the opening video I produced for a gaming conference sponsored by Sega. Vegas, baby!  

Producer / Director - United Nations, UN Celebration Opening

This film played at the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House for the opening of the UN Celebration. It is a brief history of the creation of the UN Charter and a bit of San Francisco history too. Features Edith Simon Coliver - UN translator and interpreter for French/English; True Boardman - Armed Forces Radio Officer /  Helen Chesterman - Red Cross Nurse and UN Volunteer / Virginia Rothwell - Wife of Easton Rothwell, Exec. Secretary of the United Nations Conference / Don & Phyills Schumacher - Ushers, Galileo High School / Lena Tomasini, wife of Tommy Tomasini, Designer, printer United Nations Charter.

Producer / Director - Oracle, Conference Opening

Historic Technology Video: This was the opening video for an Oracle conference in San Francisco about their new product Solaris. There was a popular, award-winning television sitcom at the time called Home Improvement with Tim Allen and this opening was produced to resemble that show. For the event itself, we used a similar comedy format to present the then new technology.


Producer / Director - Norton Desktop for Windows 

Historic Technology Video:  This is a mid-90s product introduction for an early desktop file and program manager created by Norton Desktop, specifically for Window users. Shaky Cam? B&W? No problem!  Ha, we've come a long way, baby! About 15 seconds in, that's me beside camera man Christopher Robson, setting up to conduct the interviews. 



Example of a PowerPoint proposal /presentation for the Presidio Trust board concerning a new institution in the former commissary, now Sports Basement on Crissy field.  

Example of a PowerPoint proposal /presentation for the Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Celebration. Presented to Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.  

Example of PowerPoint proposal /presentation for the Truckee-North Lake Tahoe Plan for Arts & Culture, presented to the Arts & Culture Council of Truckee Tahoe, North Lake Tahoe Resort Association and Incline Vision Arts Cultural Heritage Committee.

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