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Samples of exhibits and events

Event: UN Celebration 

Behind the scenes at the anniversary event celebrating the creation and signing of the United Nations Charter.


There are two events: One held in the spring when the UN Charter was being written. The final event is on the anniversary of the signing of the Charter.


KV+Associates produced all media for both  events. 

Exhibits: Presidio Officers' Club

Sample of images from first restoration of Presidio Officers' Club and first public exhibits. Each exhibit includes extensive history relevant to Presidio and San Francisco;



  • -Unseen Treasures, Imperial Russia and the New World

  • -Japan At the Dawn of the Modern Age

      Woodblock Prints from the Meiji Era, 1868-1912


Develop branding: At the Presidio

Exhibit: Levi Strauss

Pavilion of Awareness exhibit for Levi Strauss is a multimedia experience using four kiosks addressing subjects of Intolerance, Business Ethics,


Prejudice and Racism and Culture. Audio clips, moving montages, photos, poems, writings, cultural music, videos, legacy walls, a passages environment and a thinking space created a ceremonial environment to stimulate interactive discussions about these challenging subjects.


In collaboration with Michael Stocker Design.

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