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Samples of exhibits and events

Exhibits: Presidio Officers' Club

Sample of images from initial restoration of Presidio Officers' Club and first public exhibits. Our mission was for each exhibit to be exclusive about cultural history relevant to The Presidio and San Francisco;



  • -Unseen Treasures, Imperial Russia and the New World

  • -Japan At the Dawn of the Modern Age

      Woodblock Prints from the Meiji Era, 1868-1912


Develop branding: At the Presidio

As Cultural Programs Director for the Presidio Trust, these exhibitions were produced in collaboration with my Cultural Programs staff, other Trust employees, various contractors and in some instances, the NPS.

Live Event: UN Celebration 

Behind the scenes at the anniversary event celebrating the creation and signing of the United Nations Charter.


There are two events: One held in the spring when the UN Charter was being written. The final event is on the anniversary of the signing of the Charter.


KV+Associates produced all media for both  events. 

Traveling Exhibit: Levi Strauss

Pavilion of Awareness exhibit for Levi Strauss is a multimedia experience using four kiosks addressing subjects of Intolerance, Business Ethics,


Prejudice and Racism and Culture. Audio clips, moving montages, photos, poems, writings, cultural music, videos, legacy walls, a passages environment and a thinking space created a ceremonial environment to stimulate interactive discussions about these challenging subjects.


In collaboration with Michael Stocker Design.

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